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Grant updates

Grant updates
Soooooo much fun!

Hey Folks,

As the poor sap who somehow got put in charge of getting grants I thought I’d let everyone know where we stand at the moment.

  • We’ve received a small grant from the Australian Sports Foundation thanks to the tax deductible donations a few of us made.
  • We have put in a grant application to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund for materials needed to repair bridges throughout Parklands.
  • We have applied for the major Sunshine Coast Council Grant which will give us the co-contribution for the larger $100k Sport and Recreation grant which will be used to upgrade and repair the existing Parklands network (we did want to get it for new trails in Ferny Forest and Boneyards but QPWS weren’t ready to proceed there yet and they’ve asked that we focus on maintenance and repair and not new trails).
  • Recently the Council funded basic riding coaching clinics and memberships for new female riders. These classes were conducted by Bushrangers and CORCA.

We have successfully acquitted all the grants we received so far from the Community Benefits Fund, Council and the smaller Sport and Recreation grant. Ben is just wrapping up the big Sport and Recreation grant that was used to build the new trails in Parklands last year.

First Aid training

This money was used to purchase signage, timing equipment, more tools, timber and rocks as well as pay Trailworx to do their thing. These grants also allowed us to fund a lot of training in coaching, bike mechanics and riding skills for last year and to continue offering more this year.

Do you know a Sponsor?

Grant money is great but we can’t rely on it and there are many other worthwhile activities that need it just as much as we do. Our membership fees are small and don’t provide much revenue. So we are always on the lookout for other ways to raise money to pay for things like training, trail work and events.

So if you know of someone that could provide some sort of sponsorship then get them to contact us at [email protected] and we can see how we can help each other.

Happy Trails!

Michael “Rookie Ride Record Holder” Johns
Club Secretary


GoG.I.R.L. coaching with Jodie Willet

GoG.I.R.L. coaching with Jodie Willet

A lovely group of GoGIRL ladies took advantage of a Bushranger initiative to offer free coaching for them. In fact, it was snapped up, “flickety sticks”, thanks to a grant they had recently obtained.

Non-Bushrangers were welcome too and if they so desired they might have made a little donation on our website (paypal/australian sports foundation). Hint hint! No pressure though!

Don’t worry boys, Ben (our president) and co. haven’t forgotten about you either. At the moment, they are a little busy building trails in Parklands with their trusty volunteers. Just keep an eye out on our website for more coaching opportunities coming later this year, after we have built a flow track and a skills park in Parklands. Yes, you heard correctly, how exciting is that! What a perfect place to have coaching locally. Dreams do come true.

Meanwhile, GoGIRLs woke to the sound of rain. The forecast was showers. The question was to cancel or not. I put a “the coaching is a go” notice on the FB page and set off. I said a prayer to the rain god (Stay up here, don’t rain down there). First we traveled 1.5 hours to Underwood Park where we met Jodie. She was just finishing up with her first group.

Jodie was a great coach

After introductions, Jodie began by explaining the fundamentals of MTBing in a way that was easy to understand by all. I was chosen to model the correct stance on a bike. A considerable amount of time later, (I’m sure it was over 10 minutes) I demonstrated standing, pedals level, heels down, bending at the hips, bottom back and keeping low. I was relieved I had my magnesium levels up. Jodie hadn’t even broken into a sweat holding me up that whole time! At that time, getting a major cramp would have been embarrassing and probably resulted in a pedal in my leg. Disaster averted!

Next we practiced braking to a stop, wheelies and cornering. A lady from Jodie’s last session momentarily interrupted and excitedly reported that she had just done the “Wall of Death”. I was wondering if that was part of our session? Some of the GoGIRLs were wondering what have they had signed up for?

Wheelie practice!

After plenty of skill drills, receiving individual feedback, and asking numerous questions, we headed to the trails. By the way all the girls got gold stars for lifting their front wheel off the ground. Sonja was the expert and gave tips to the rest of us. We kept practicing till we looked like pros or at least we made a promise to keep practicing till we did! I’m pretty sure I heard plenty of squealing when someone had put it all together. Maybe that was me!

The venue had everything close at call; plenty of berms to practice right and left hand turns, roll overs, rocky descents and slabs to climb. Jodie knew where all the teaching opportunities were, because well of course, she designed this section of the place. We rode past Janine Jungfel’s Trial section and marvelled at her brain child and remembered her awesome coaching session too! It was great to see all the ladies nailing the tasks. We didn’t want the session to end so we headed to the skills part and Jodie gave us instructions on how to manual.

Wall of death!

After giving her vigorous thank you’s, some ladies stayed to ride the trails. The trails were great fun and well designed. There were heaps of berms and step- ups to practice what we had just learnt. Soon, we came across the “Wall of Death”. There was a lot of looking and talking of which way to best approach this steeper rocky descent. Luckily I stopped before dropping down to check if I had the right line! Because guess what? I didn’t, in fact it was exactly where NOT to ride. Proceeding would have been nasty. Another disaster averted. Note to self: Look before you leap! Or ride in this case. After carefully noting the entry point again, I put my modulating brakes technique into action and down I went. After the initial going over the edge, it didn’t feel like the Wall of Death. It felt great, no skidding and totally in control. I can’t wait to tell Jodie and organize the next session. Meanwhile in the wise words of Di,

“It’s practice, practice, practice”.


Thanks for coming ladies and I hope you all got something out of it.


Susie Hume
Womens advocate


Parklands MTB Trail Project Update – Stage One

Parklands MTB Trail Project Update – Stage One
Project Signage Installed

Parklands MTB Trails Project – Map Reference

Hi Folks,

An update on what’s happening with the new trails going in at Parklands. We’re about to start on stage one of six, as per below:

  • [Stage One] 1km ‘green/easy’ access track from the Radar Hill Road carpark to the proposed skills area (map reference BT1)
  • [Stage Two] 3.5km beginners loop (map reference SL1)
  • [Stage Three] 2km intermediate ‘flow’ trail (map reference PT1)
  • [Stage Four/Five] 0.5km skills area (map reference SA1)
  • [Stage Six] 450m reroute of existing trail (map reference RR1) & Upgrade existing creek crossing (map reference RR2)

Stage One consists of the construction of an IMBA green trail that will be approximately 1km long and will provide access to the beginners loop (stage two) and skills area (stages four and five). It will also provide alternative access while Road Rage undergoes maintenance later this year as part of Stage Six.

After a slight delay caused by Cyclone Debbie, Trailworx is scheduled to start in the first week of May.

We’re organising for the trail care container to be relocated from it’s current location to where the skills area will be located. Thanks to Ranger Eugene (QPWS) for clearing out a spot and assisting us with the move and to club Trails officer Rob for organising the move.

Along with the grant signage from NSPR and SCRC we will have a project overview sign at the Radar Hill entrance to help visitors understand what’s going on. Club secretary Michael has kindly designed the sign and has organised the printing.

We should have equipment and a roughed in trail for volunteers the following weekend (Saturday/Sunday May 6th/7th). There will be QPWS volunteer induction/sign in on so please keep an eye on our club calendar/emails for when this will occur – we’re anticipating it to be 9AM Saturday. If you would like to volunteer but aren’t sure on what’s involved with trail building and maintenance, take a look at our Trail Care page.

Stage One – Access Trail


New Club Marquee and Flags

New Club Marquee and Flags
This should stick out at the next big race!

Thanks for the new bike shelter guys!

Last week we received our new fully branded club marquee and wave banners paid for out of the Gambling Community Benefit Fund grant. This completes our brand refresh with website, logo, letterhead, jerseys, t-shirts, social media and now event equipment all aligned to the club identity that was established at the beginning of 2016. Thanks goes to club secretary Michael for all graphic design work and organising.


What’s next for MTB on the Sunshine Coast?

What’s next for MTB on the Sunshine Coast?
Put your thinking caps on - we need ideas!

Hey Folks,

Yesterday we sent out a post giving an update regarding the grants we currently have in place. This money will pay for new trails and training which was the most requested items in last year’s member survey.

However we need to look to the future and keep applying for more grants so we can keep the ball rolling and grow mountain biking within the Sunshine Coast.

So we ask you to start thinking about some potential projects that we can use when applying for grant money. Things like new trail ideas or maybe training programs for different rider groups e.g. beginners, women, children. The project has to be sellable to all stakeholders, be able to show how it will benefit the community and be in line with the club’s mission and abilities.

Some potential project ideas that are floating around at the moment are:

  • Marathon length trail right around Parklands
  • Bottle ‘n Glass or Mapleton downhill trails
  • Great Rides Trail Project – Glasshouse to Kin Kin
  • Skills area next to Ferny Forest green trail.

Once we get some pre-approved and planned project ideas on the shelf then it makes applying for grants a lot easier as most of the work is done and we don’t have to scramble around trying to get things ticked off before deadlines.

We will get a simple webpage made up where you can submit your ideas and we’ll have more info at the upcoming AGM so put your thinking caps on.