What’s next for MTB on the Sunshine Coast?

What’s next for MTB on the Sunshine Coast?
Put your thinking caps on - we need ideas!

Hey Folks,

Yesterday we sent out a post giving an update regarding the grants we currently have in place. This money will pay for new trails and training which was the most requested items in last year’s member survey.

However we need to look to the future and keep applying for more grants so we can keep the ball rolling and grow mountain biking within the Sunshine Coast.

So we ask you to start thinking about some potential projects that we can use when applying for grant money. Things like new trail ideas or maybe training programs for different rider groups e.g. beginners, women, children. The project has to be sellable to all stakeholders, be able to show how it will benefit the community and be in line with the club’s mission and abilities.

Some potential project ideas that are floating around at the moment are:

  • Marathon length trail right around Parklands
  • Bottle ‘n Glass or Mapleton downhill trails
  • Great Rides Trail Project – Glasshouse to Kin Kin
  • Skills area next to Ferny Forest green trail.

Once we get some pre-approved and planned project ideas on the shelf then it makes applying for grants a lot easier as most of the work is done and we don’t have to scramble around trying to get things ticked off before deadlines.

We will get a simple webpage made up where you can submit your ideas and we’ll have more info at the upcoming AGM so put your thinking caps on.