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First Aid Course for Bushranger MTB Club Members

First Aid Course for Bushranger MTB Club Members
First Aid training

Keen cyclist Peter McGreal from Immediate Response First Aid Training and Supplies has offered club members a discounted rate for getting their First Aid and CPR qualifications.  The normal rate is $120 but we can get it for $95 – just let them know you are a Bushranger MTB Club member when you contact them.

For the people doing the MTB Coach training you’ll need to have a current First Aid certificate to get your official coaching qualifications so this is a good opportunity.

Call them on 1300 766 298 or visit their for more information.

Michael “Tis but a scratch” Johns
Club Secretary


Nasty Sticks and Pretty Pics – Mapleton Club Ride Summary – 23/04/2017

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Nasty Sticks and Pretty Pics – Mapleton Club Ride Summary – 23/04/2017
Helen's fatbike tyres made me feel inadequate

Q: What’s brown and sticky?
A: A stick!

That classic primary school joke leads us into the theme of Sunday’s ride. Sticks! Sticks everywhere! Sticks on the trail – sticks in wheels and derailleurs – sticks in my thigh. The li’l bastards were everywhere! But despite the constant assault from these gravity challenged branches the ride was actually a lot of fun.

So sixteen of us were ready to go at the Mapleton lily pond and the plan was to head to the Oaky Creek lookout through the Linda Garret Park fire breaks. Then on the way back we would do the flow’y Turpentine track (aka the Magic mile). Linda Garret park was a little damp with a few trees down but it was still great to ride as it’s so beautiful in there.

Craig’s snapped crank arm (photo taken with a potato it seems).

We met up at the new parking area where the motorbikes can load/unload and then broke up into two groups. A fast group lead by Nick shot off towards the lookout with the rest of us travelling a bit slower behind. Most of us made it to the lookout but poor Craig snapped his crank arm (no joke!) at the halfway point and had to head back.

The lookout was spectacular as always, with the beautiful weather we could see for miles. After a bite to eat and chat (where Will accidentally exposed his advanced knowledge of The Transformers cartoons) we set off back towards the Day Use area and the Magic Mile.

A few of us were running out of batteries so we only did half the Magic Mile and broke off early and headed back to the cars and coffee. The others completed the whole trail then grunted and groaned their way back up the Mapleton Forest road.


Parklands MTB Trail Project Update – Stage One

Parklands MTB Trail Project Update – Stage One
Project Signage Installed

Parklands MTB Trails Project – Map Reference

Hi Folks,

An update on what’s happening with the new trails going in at Parklands. We’re about to start on stage one of six, as per below:

  • [Stage One] 1km ‘green/easy’ access track from the Radar Hill Road carpark to the proposed skills area (map reference BT1)
  • [Stage Two] 3.5km beginners loop (map reference SL1)
  • [Stage Three] 2km intermediate ‘flow’ trail (map reference PT1)
  • [Stage Four/Five] 0.5km skills area (map reference SA1)
  • [Stage Six] 450m reroute of existing trail (map reference RR1) & Upgrade existing creek crossing (map reference RR2)

Stage One consists of the construction of an IMBA green trail that will be approximately 1km long and will provide access to the beginners loop (stage two) and skills area (stages four and five). It will also provide alternative access while Road Rage undergoes maintenance later this year as part of Stage Six.

After a slight delay caused by Cyclone Debbie, Trailworx is scheduled to start in the first week of May.

We’re organising for the trail care container to be relocated from it’s current location to where the skills area will be located. Thanks to Ranger Eugene (QPWS) for clearing out a spot and assisting us with the move and to club Trails officer Rob for organising the move.

Along with the grant signage from NSPR and SCRC we will have a project overview sign at the Radar Hill entrance to help visitors understand what’s going on. Club secretary Michael has kindly designed the sign and has organised the printing.

We should have equipment and a roughed in trail for volunteers the following weekend (Saturday/Sunday May 6th/7th). There will be QPWS volunteer induction/sign in on so please keep an eye on our club calendar/emails for when this will occur – we’re anticipating it to be 9AM Saturday. If you would like to volunteer but aren’t sure on what’s involved with trail building and maintenance, take a look at our Trail Care page.

Stage One – Access Trail


Inaugural Hill Climb Race Summary – 17/04/2017

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Inaugural Hill Climb Race Summary – 17/04/2017
Boaz and Will launch off the line

Hello everyone,


So I don’t know about the other guys but I had been stressing about this race for a bit. The timing gear had been a little flakey, the storms had knocked down trees over the trail and the last race I helped in I was called particularly nasty names by some over-competitive twat.

But all this stress was for naught as everything went pretty smooth and the race was done and dusted in a little over an hour. Afterwards everyone headed off to their well-earned breakfast and coffee or did some more exploring of the nearby Cooloolabin trails.

The week before

The days before the race were hectic with QPWS quickly clearing the fallen trees from Cyclone Debbie. Ben and I testing the club radios along the trail (where Ben crashed, writing off his front wheel and ‘corking’ his leg). I also dragged Kim and Locky along for a “relaxing” walk up the trail to help place the bunting (force-marching a toddler up a dirt road doesn’t end well).

Race day

On race day Ben and I and our awesome volunteers got to the top of the track and helped setup the timing gear and put some drinks on ice for the racers. We had a quick marshal briefing, handed out the radios and then went to our posts. Jo and her hubby Ian came down with me to the starting line to help with setup, race plates and to be the rescue vehicle.

Greg was on checkpoint one at top of first hill, Di and Dave was on checkpoint 2 near the nasty water bars and Damo was at the bottom of the last hill. Julie and Ben were at the top with the timing gear and chocolate eggs. Rob Macdonald and the other volunteers took a heap of awesome photos too. Thanks for all your help guys, have I said how awesome you are?

Don was confident he’d get podium in his grade

The race!

So we ended up having 9 riders for the race with quite a few no-shows (I suspect there were a few people with bellies full of chocolate or grog still in bed). Boaz and Will were in category A with Boaz defending his KOM for the trail. Boaz bettered his previous time by a massive 55 seconds. Category B had 6 riders with James Harris being dragged along by Ben Harris on the day for a “fun” ride up a hill. Category C only had Don Moss who was pretty confident he had a good shot at winning his grade. Results are available here.

At the end of the day the feedback was good with the riders happy with the format and only a couple of small things where we can make improvements for next time.

Thanks to the riders and the volunteers for a fun morning!

Michael “How do I show seconds on my phone?” Johns
Club Secretary