Hill Climb Race Update – T: MINUS 6 DAYS

by Secretary
Hill Climb Race Update – T: MINUS 6 DAYS
Bushrangers Inaugural Hill Climb race

All this could be yours!

Woooo!! do you feel that? That chill in the air? Is it simply the weather or could it be the cold tingles of anticipation making you shudder? OK fine it’s probably the weather. But here is an update for you all.

  • Registrations are coming in (thank god! – it would’ve been pretty embarrassing if it was just Michael racing…. and he still lost).
  • Registrations close on Saturday night (15/04/2017) so we can get all the admin done on Sunday.

We’ve made a separate registration page with a waiver (so you can race for free without using MTBA insurance because some people don’t need it or want it).

All the information is here.