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Sugarbag Ride Summary – 29/01/2017

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Sugarbag Ride Summary – 29/01/2017
Some cool stuff is appearing in the "Candy Store"

This bit always makes my head hurt

Greetings ‘Rangers

Sunday’s ride was in Sugarbag again and as normal we started at the Caloundra Aquatic centre. Although this time there was no over-protective magpie with murder in it’s eyes so that was nice.

Due to the camping trip in Bayview and other riders doing their own thing in Wooroi we had a smaller group of 12 including new riders, Marty and Pete.


Ringtail Forest Ride Summary 22/01/2017

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Ringtail Forest Ride Summary 22/01/2017
Stumbling across a cool water hole

What may have been a tough slog through sweltering heat turned out to be a rather pleasant cruise thanks to a cool reprieve from the heatwave. 18 riders showed up for a mini adventure through Ringtail Forest from Tewantin.

First off we warmed up our legs by heading along Mckinnon Drive before heading into the dead straight access road into Tewantin Forest. We rode through the Sunken Gardens, which is a tight and twisty set of single tracks snaking along to Old Tewantin Road which we begrudgingly exerted our way up (or in Boaz’s case gleefully levitated up on his new Giant XTC Advanced 0 29er hover-bike). Did you know that this area is home to the endangered swamp stringybark tree which you won’t find anywhere else in Australia or the world – pretty special place we live in.


Parklands night ride summary – Wednesday 18/01/2017

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Parklands night ride summary –  Wednesday 18/01/2017
Brad bombin' down Road Rage

Hey there ‘rangers!

So this week’s night ride was more of a dusk/sunset ride due to the sun going down a lot later at the moment. We didn’t need to put our lights on until half way through the ride at the bottom of Cancer Tree.

The weather had cooled off enough to not be soul-suckingly disgusting but the humidity was still up there.


Club Weekend Camping Trip – 28-29th Jan 2017

Club Weekend Camping Trip – 28-29th Jan 2017

Day 1: Saturday 28th January

We will meet at Bayview Conservation Park (Trailforks: at 7.45 for a 8.00 ride off.

Address: Days Road Conservation Area, 487 – 503 German Church Road, Redland Bay QLD 4165. (Google Maps:

If driving down from the Sunshine Coast please allow 1hr 45 minutes.

Riding time here is open, when we are finished riding we will be camping at the Karingal Scout Camp (Archer Campsite), this is 17 minutes away (10km) from the Bayview MTB Park.

Address: 1 Karingal Road, Mount Cotton QLD 4165 (Google Maps:

If you are going to be camping could you please email the booking form below to [email protected] . Payment is via funds transfer after the use of their facility. The campsite contact number is (07) 3721 5737.

Camping cost is $11.00 pp, if more than 24 hours then it is $20.50pp.

Booking form

To download the file – click the above link, select ‘File’ and then ‘Download As’ and select the appropriate format.

Day 2: Sunday 29th January

After a good night’s sleep we will meet at Daisy Hill MTB Park (Trailforks: at 6.45 for a 7.00 ride off, this should take around 26 minutes drive (20km) from the camp site.

Address: Daisy Hill Conservation Park, Hill Rd, Daisy Hill QLD 4127 (Google Maps:

Ride time here is also open – when we have finished riding then it is a safe drive home.

If you have any questions I can be contacted on [email protected] .

Hope to see you there!



Riding in the Heat

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Riding in the Heat
Take precautions when riding in the heat

Hello ‘rangers,

In the wake of the crazy hot weather recently, we thought we’d find and share some information about riding in high temperatures. Have a read, do some research of your own and make sure you do all you can to avoid heat related illness or worse. If you have any tips leave them in our Facebook group