Glasshouse Mountains Ride Summary (15/01/2017)

by Secretary
Glasshouse Mountains Ride Summary (15/01/2017)
Reenactment of me taking my shirt off after today's sweatfest

Hello ‘Rangers!

So I noticed that 3 was the lucky number for Sunday’s ride e.g. 3 hours of riding, 3 lookouts visited, 3 litres of sweat loss!

After the last few hot days it was a pleasant surprise to see the weather app saying it would be below 30ºC. However I forgot to account for the 3000% humidity level. I could’ve thrown a fish in the air and watched it swim away.

Greg finally decided to grace us with his presence for 2017

We parked at the Glasshouse Mountain footy club and rode alongside Steve Irwin way towards Mt Tibrogargan.  We worked our way along to the first lookout and quickly checked out the view. It was eerily silent so I assumed the birds had all drowned or something.

We then proceeded to the Jack Ferris Lookout (obviously named after the guy who invented the Ferris wheel). Here we stopped to enjoy the view and have a rest but we didn’t stay long. It was just too still and clammy, we had to keep moving to keep cool. Also there was like 3-million mozzies attacking our faces.

So off we went to the last lookout on our itinerary. A couple of us were suffering by now so that last climb up to the Glasshouse Mountains Lookout took a bit of grunting and cursing but I’m glad we all made it up. It’s a pretty cool area up there and the view was great.

View from the Glasshouse Mountains Lookout

Judging by the hills we rode, I think Ride leader Ben had his Garmin set to “Bastard”

Again it was hard to stay still for too long due to the oppressive humidity so we were off again to head back to the cars. It was mostly sealed road on the way back but we made a detour to check out Tibrogargan creek.

Afterwards we met up for food and coffee (and more sweating) at CJ’s Pastry bakery in Glasshouse Mountains. The coffee was pretty good FYI.

Good job to poor Kerry who suffered through her first ride in 4 weeks. Good work to the folks who despite the humidity still got some PRs and KOMs and a big shout out to Carol who we found out has injured herself riding again only 6-months after a shoulder injury. Hope you bounce back real soon Cazz!

Sorry for any typos today but it’s hard to type with the multiple IV lines trying to replenish all my lost fluids.

Yours sincerely,

Michael “I love the hills” Johns
Club Secretary

Map and Elevation