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Keeping it Positive – Trail-care in Conservation Areas

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Keeping it Positive – Trail-care in Conservation Areas
Grasstree at Ferny Forest

Damaged Grasstree at Ferny Forest

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services (QPWS) have asked the club to help redirect the over-enthusiastic trail fairies onto permitted trail-care activities coordinated by the QPWS and the Sunshine Coast Trail Alliance (SCTA).

In addition to the tree cutting and unsafe technical trail features the particular concerns are as follows:

  • The Spare Parts trail that runs alongside Radar Hill Road in the Parklands Conservation Park. Even though it’s an amazing effort the trail is unsanctioned and simply unsustainable and has been closed by QPWS.
  • Overzealous pruning of sensitive plants during trailcare activities. Specifically the cutting back of Grasstrees (Xanthorrhoea) and ferns within the trail networks. This isn’t a maintenance requirement and vegetation removal must be supervised by a ranger.

2017 will be a big year with new trails being built and existing trails undergoing maintenance. The Bushrangers, SCTA and QPWS are working closely towards quality outcomes for the local MTB community and other trail users and the above activities only serve to undermine this work.

Currently QPWS have identified a few maintenance activities at Ferny Forest if anyone is interested in helping out. They include fixing a few wet areas (you may have noticed some new piles of bluestone along the trail) and a few stumps that need to be removed. Additionally, plans for the new bridges in Parklands are underway. If you would like to help please forward your details through to [email protected] and we’ll let QPWS know.

Trail-care notifications and Adopt-a-trail projects

On a related note we are currently working with QPWS and SCTA to get a trail-care roster and an alert system setup. So you can sign up to this and whenever a trail-care event is set you’ll receive an email or text message.

Another idea on the table is to set up an “Adopt-a-trail” system where you can volunteer to look after a particular trail for awhile. You will be responsible for keeping the trail in good condition and in return you get the fame, glory and appreciation from all the riders that use it. So stay tuned for that!

Stay safe, Keep Riding!

Bush Rangers Committee


SCTA article in the Sunshine Coast Daily Multisport Mecca magazine

SCTA article in the Sunshine Coast Daily Multisport Mecca magazine
Another good read about all things sport
Click here to download

Click here to download

We thought this year’s final article for the Multisport Mecca magazine should be about building up the Sunshine Coast Trails Alliance (SCTA). #MultisportMecca #SunshineCoast @MultisportMecca @sc.trails.alliance

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GoGIRLs in Parklands

GoGIRLs in Parklands

Parklands, its reputation as a gnarly and technical park is well known. Most ladies avoid riding here for a myriad of reasons. A year on, has anything changed?

Personally, my happy endorphins go wild when I do something really hard. You can often hear me screaming for joy. Sorry in advance if you wanted peace and quiet! But I just can’t keep that kind of excitement bottled up. And I have a great need to share this with others. Hence why GoGIRLs started.

Kindred spirits know what I’m taking about. That great sense of achievement you feel when you make a particularly tricky section that you have never made before; be it going through a narrow gap through two trees whist climbing around a sharp pinch, (Bee Hive), weaving in and out of the tropical jungle (Cancer tree) or getting over a large log stack for the first time (Beginning of HoChiHo).

But is it possible to share this wonderful world of Parklands with less experienced riders and not turn them off?


Miss Sonja carving up Phoenix with style.

I turned to Kerrie who has made a complete about face from “I hate Parklands”, to “I ride in Parklands every week”! I asked her would she lead a GoGIRL ride. She said yes, which shows how far we have come. We began by designing a modified loop made possible by the addition of a new track we affectionately call the M1. After testing it out, we advertised and we got a great turn up considering it rained the night before.

Kerrie expertly lead us to the flowy New Zealand track, which always is a crowd pleaser. After TNT, we showed our skills in Circle Du Soleil, performing a Loop De Loop before finding a Quick Way Back to the ever-popular Phoenix Descent. Some of us took the fireroad to the final Wall whilst others had to pat Red Dog one more time. By our smiles you can tell we had a great ride and can’t wait to do it again.

Susie Hume

Women’s Advocate





Pomona to Kin Kin Ride Summary 27/11/2016

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Pomona to Kin Kin Ride Summary 27/11/2016
hill (/hɪl/) – noun
1. a naturally raised area of land, not as high or craggy as a mountain. thoroughly enjoyed by mountain bikers.

With over 1000m of climbing over a relatively short 40km the theme for Sunday’s ride was HILLS. Glorious uninterrupted climbing for miles! Climbing over dirt and gravel, climbing over grass, climbing over rocks, trees, small animals! We climbed everything. Nick, one of our resident single speed advocates, must have planned for all this ascending and rocked up on a shiny new climbing weapon – a Specialized Epic FSR in Teal/Rocket Red livery. He still rode it like a single speed and kept running out of the little grinding gears.

Twelve brave riders began the climb up ‘Trail 5’ to Cooran with a sneaky diversion along some hidden single track and over a slippery log. We migrated onto the notorious ‘Trail 3’ which hosted the bulk of the delicious hills including the “mothar” which one can barely walk up let alone keep the front wheel down to ride up.

Shelly the horse whisperer

Shelly the horse whisperer

Occasionally we stopped at some lookouts and other points of interest to admire other far off hills. While pondering their natural beauty we were wondering if we could also ride up them someday.

Sadly all good things must come to an end and we reached the end of the climbing and were presented with 1km of gnarly, twisty, lumpy decent down to Upper Pinbarren Creek Road. Some would consider this the highlight of the ride saying things like “We should do shuttle runs of that!” and “OMG my brakes faded! I almost died! But I loved every minute of it!”. It was pretty fun and had a bit of everything including a natural rock garden. Also I’d like to point out that club treasurer Craig went over the bars – I think he was annoyed that we weren’t climbing anymore.

Luckily there were a few more lovely hills just before Kin Kin where we had our mid ride break at the Kin Kin General Store – try the iced tea!

Sadly this is where our off-road travels end as trails 2 and 4 have been cut off from the Kin Kin side. So everyone rode their own pace back to the cars along Pomona-Kin Kin Road.

Great day out in great weather. Thanks to all for a good ride and company.
Ben Johns
Club President
Ride and elevation map

Ride and elevation map


Major Grant Success!

Major Grant Success!
Soooooo much fun!
Good news everyone!
This morning I received a call from the Hon Peter Wellington’s office giving notice that the club has been successful in securing the following Queensland Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing grants:

Get Going Clubs ($7500)

This grant will fund training programmes in catering for people getting into (or back into) mountain biking. Courses will include training in nutrition, strength building, injury prevention and mountain bike handling. These are skills that can apply to all sorts of sporting activities and not just mountain biking. There will be also be a women’s only option supported by our Go GIRLs.

Get Playing Places and Spaces ($100,000)

Combined with the Sunshine Coast Council Community Grant this will fund the Parklands MTB Trials Project that will deliver a ‘green’ beginners loop, progressive flow trails and various other trail work activities.

Official media release by the Hon Curtis Pitt:

This success was the result of many hours of effort and assistance from the QPWS, Sunshine Coast Trails Alliance, the local community and the Bushrangers committee.

Additionally we thank the following people for their help and support:

  • Ryan Guest (99 Bikes)
  • Ben O’Duhring (Castara Empresa)
  • Daniel Yujnovich (Crankwork Cyclery)
  • Steve Ossedryver (CORCA)
  • Hayden Lester (D’Aguilar Range Cycling Club)
  • Marty Webster (EnPlusOne)
  • Susie Hume (Go-GIRLs)
  • John Searston (Have Fun Tours)
  • Tony Vella (Nambour Alliance)
  • Bruce Campbell (Nambour Christian College)
  • Greg Hale (Nambour Rotary Club)
  • Royce Vandeleur (Palmwoods Physiotherapy)
  • Melissa Taylor (Parkrun Nambour)
  • Mal Keeble (Sunshine Coast Cycling Club)
  • Kurt Martin (Sunshine Coast Regional Council)
  • Shaun Lauder (TAFE Queensland)
  • Paul Lowik (Woombye State School)
  • Rob Macdonald (Sunshine Coast Trails Alliance)
  • Kathy Rogers (Department of Sport and Recreation)
  • Eugene Craddock and Justin Enslin (Queensland Parks and Wildlife)
  • Local councillor Steve Robinson
  • State MP Peter Wellington

Congratulations and thank you to all involved. We better prepare ourselves for a busy 2017!






The Queensland Government provided $107,500 to the Bushrangers MTB Club Sunshine Coast Inc for the Parklands MTB Trails Project and Beginners Skills Programme to increase Queenslanders participation in sport and recreation activities.





This project is proudly supported by Sunshine Coast Council’s grants program