Pomona – Cooran Ride Summary 20/11/2016

by Secretary
Pomona – Cooran Ride Summary 20/11/2016

Howdy y’all,

“Why is he speaking like he is from the country?” I hear you ask. Well I thought I’d theme things up a bit because Sunday’s ride was out in the deep wild west territories that is Pomona and Cooran.  So let’s go herd dem dere cattle and shoot doze pesky varmints YEEE HAAA!! OK fine, that’s a big stretch but I’m struggling this morning.

So apparently last week I may have used the ride summary to promote my personal E-bike agenda and my hatred of dark chocolate. This is what happens when you forget to take photos and you have to fill the space with words. But I shall “try” to tone back my stating the obvious and just stick to the events of the rides.

15 of us met up at Pomona and we were ready to go at 7am (big hello to Justin from Giant who joined in on his cool looking single speed). We needed a ride leader so I put it to the group and out of the awkward gaggle of confused faces stepped up, a hero! He was a man oozing fortitude and focus – a man not afraid to walk around in bibshorts – a man who knew what had to be done and wasn’t afraid to do it. That man was Chad! Thanks Chad, you did good!

We all shot off into the Tuchekoi National Park and rode around the bottom of Mt Cooroora. We went up the loose, rocky crap that is Fergursons Road and then down those cool tracks along Jampot Road. We then followed trail 5(?) through to Cooran.

It was in Cooran where we practiced our stairway descending/ascending skills with Andrew expertly showing us how NOT to ascend concrete stairs. His buckled wheel wobbled hypnotically all the way home.

Helen and Susie and 5 ninjas

Helen and Susie and 5 ninjas

We then went over the train tracks and climbed up Arthys road (yay!) and then came down some zig-zaggy singletrack where Chad bravely rode through dog poop to protect the group from its vile stench. We then stopped and checked out that massive thicket of bamboo (is thicket the right word? maybe a clutch? or explosion?) Anyway, it was cool.

Afterwards we followed a trail along Tablelands road and went through a deep creekbed and we got back to Cooran. Some fast guys then powered off ahead as we returned to Pomona. We had some fun barrelling down the loose, rocky awesomeness that is Fergursons Road.

Everyone made it back to Pomona safely and we had coffee and food at a place in Pomona called “That place in Pomona” (yeah, it hurt my head too). Coffee was great! Good job them.

This week’s ride is that epic one from Pomona to Kin Kin. Whole lot of climbing and one particularly nasty hill called “Mother” which is rather intense. So bring plenty of water and snacks and there will be a coffee stop in Kin Kin before heading back.

The End!

Michael (E-bikes are cool) Johns
Club Secretary

Map and Elevation

Map and Elevation