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Parklands Ride Summary – 09/04/2017

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Parklands Ride Summary – 09/04/2017
Hoe-Chi-Hoe is cleared and riding well

Parklands was filled with Bushrangers on Sunday morning, as we had the normal club ride happening as well as a rookie ride for our beginner riders.

Sunday was also a very special day because not only was the weather sublime but it was also the official “Cherish an Antique Day” and “Name Yourself Day”. I’m a bit upset because if I had known earlier then I would’ve given Terry and Alf a big hug and called myself Max Power. But next Sunday is “Eggs Benedict Day” or “Wear Your Pyjamas to Work Day” so FYI everyone!

Big hello to our regular and new members and welcome to all of our guests for the day. I hope you all had a good ride.

Signing off,

Max Power!!
Club Secretary


Parklands Ride Summary 12/03/2017

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Parklands Ride Summary 12/03/2017
Hanging at the top gate at Parklands

I sprang out of bed with the epiphany that our club rides have been lacking in nasty hills lately.  So I thought what better place to catch up on this elevation shortage than Parklands, our ride location for last Sunday.

Arriving early at the Atkinson Road West entrance of Parklands I passed Chad grinding up the hill to meet up with Andrew for a few sneaky runs on Phoenix before the group ride started at 7am. Be like Chad, embrace the climbs.


Rookie Ride Summary – 19/02/2017

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Rookie Ride Summary – 19/02/2017
Learn the trails, get the goss and make new mates!

While the regular club ride was happening we put on another “Rookie Ride” for our beginners to get some more rides in and pick up some good tips by doing the opposite of what I do.

The wonderful Ferny Forest green level trails were chosen because its a good 10km loop, not too difficult, easy parking and now it has coffee!

Pretty sure Ben is sucking his guts in there!

Emma, Marty, Mike, Tania, Ben and myself starting off at 7.30am but we had guest appearances from Jason Daw, Susie and Sonja as they did their laps of Ferny Forest. I was planning on taking it easy, do the one lap, then coffee and chat afterwards. We ended up doing 2 laps and I even had an attempt at giving some line choice tips at a rock garden (but everyone just nailed it perfectly so it wasn’t really necessary at all – good job!). Overall the ride went great and there was only one itsy bitsy stack where a front wheel washed out on some loose stuff at the bottom of a gully but there were no serious injuries.


Upcoming Rookie Ride at Ferny Forest – Sunday 19th

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Upcoming Rookie Ride at Ferny Forest – Sunday 19th

We want to give our new beginner members some love so in addition to the normal club ride we are also putting on a rookie ride this Sunday.

So bring your bike (that works), some water, sun screen and a helmet and come along for a ride and chat.

Day: Sunday 19/02/2017
Time: 7.30am ride off
Location: Ferny Forest trail (carpark opposite the Big Cart Track on Steve Irwin Way near Landsborough).
Trail type: Ferny Forest is a green (beginner) trail and is a 10km loop – 40 to 60mins (no rush).


  • Try and get there a bit earlier so you can get ready.
  • Look for the guys with the Bushranger shirts.
  • Sign up for the 8-week free trial from the MTBA if you haven’t already so you’re insured.
  • There is a coffee van at the carpark so we can have a coffee after the ride.

Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Ride on!

Michael “When is coffee?” Johns
Club Secretary