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“Rookie Road” Wins

“Rookie Road” Wins
"Rookie Road" wins the vote

We received 50 votes and the clear winner was “Rookie Road”. “Pigtails” came close but couldn’t beat it (even after someone cheated and voted for it numerous times – tsk tsk!).

Clear winner is “Rookie Road”

QPWS have a naming policy (e.g. not potentially offensive, rude, gross, clear english etc). That’s why the cool names like “4play”, “entrails” and “Thrillz 2 Skillz” didn’t get a shoe in. But we are getting new trails and a lot of help so I’m not complaining.


New Jerseys are coming! ….very slowly

New Jerseys are coming! ….very slowly
Latest jersey concepts

Hey everyone,

Yeah I know the jerseys have been on the cards for ages but trying to find someone to make them has been a bugger of a chore. However I think I’ve found someone to do all the jersey/shirt/singlet iterations we need at a good price.

I’ve been talking to others in the club and doing a lot of research on jersey styles and shapes so the artwork has gone through a lot of changes. To give you an idea of the journey I’ve had, the filenames are like “BRMTB-Jersey-2016-idea-19-v7-FINAL-v3-LAST FINAL-v2.pdf“. Which shows a very poor file management system that I really need to work on.

So anyway, we are going to offer the following:

  • Standard XC cycle jerseys (short/long sleeve and club/race fit) in two styles – “Spare parts” and “Black diamond”
  • Bib-shorts – Black with logo and matching artwork
  • Trail shirts (loose fit v-neck with short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves) in the two styles – “Spare parts” and “Black diamond”
  • Women’s Go-Girl Singlets  – in “GoGirl Pink”
  • Socks

There are artwork samples below but I’ll put up the final artwork along with prices and the order link in the next few days.

Stay Tuned!



July ’17 – March ’18 Calendar Update

July ’17 – March ’18 Calendar Update

Sugarbag trails are now on the list for our easy community rides

Hi Folks,

You may have noticed the club calendar has been updated until March 2018. There are a couple of changes but the main one is that our easier community rides are now at three different locations with the additional location being at the Sugar Bag trails. So please double check the first Sunday of the month rides as it will alternate between the three locations, next month is Ewen Maddock Dam, August is at Sugar Bag, September is Mapleton and so on.

The Parklands Conservation Park ride will continue being on the second Sunday of the month, swapping between Atkinson and Radar Hill Road sides.

We have also included the Bunyaville Conservation Park trails into the mix of our Sunday rides. Before these were treated as an ‘away ride’ however since they’re not that much farther than many of our rides time wise we’ll give it a go. Additionally there are planned Sunday rides at the Daisy Hill and Bayview Conservation Parks as there have been on going developments of these trail networks that I think many will be keen to check out.

Away rides are typically planned on an ad-hoc basis – if you have any ideas please let us know – Nerang, Hidden Vale, Mt Joyce?. Feedback on the calendar, or anything for that matter, is always appreciated.

Ben Johns
Club President


Our Club Crosses a Milestone Today

Our Club Crosses a Milestone Today

Thanks to all our members, supporters and sponsors.

Today is an important day and not because it’s the day that the Betamax video cassette was introduced in 1975 or Louis XIV was crowned king of France in 1654. While indeed those events are important, today is special for another reason.

Using MTBA data and earlier pre-digital membership lists (carved onto bits of stone etc), we can see that with the current strong growth in memberships our club is now officially bigger than it has ever been.

Not only does this show we are a healthy club that ticks the right boxes for our members but it proves that mountain biking is definitely alive and well in the Sunshine Coast.

Thanks to all our members, supporters and sponsors over the years. We couldn’t of done it without you!