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Thank you for a fantastic year

Thank you for a fantastic year

The beginning of 2016 marked a significant point as the old club with its strong heritage and foundations was given a fresh coat of paint and some new upgrades. Aside from introducing new branding and backend systems these changes included a revamp of the club’s vision, mission, and values. It was these statements in conjunction with the help of our members, committee and community and government supporters that have guided us through a fantastic 2016.

But as we shored up the foundations of our club we have also prepared for the future by applying for grants, increasing communication with members, landowners, local businesses and other clubs.

With Susie heading up our GoGIRL initiative to advocate women in mountain biking and our efforts to get people riding and maintaining our local trails we have been able to build an interesting narrative. A narrative that highlights our endeavours of being inclusive, engaging and supportive of the local community while demonstrating that we have the big picture in mind – make the Sunshine Coast a premier mountain bike destination.

With support from Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, NSPR/QPWS and SCRC our story played a key role in securing close to $150,000. This funding allows us to pursue our plans for 2017:

  • provide training programs with professional trainers
  • support our volunteers by providing them the opportunity to become accredited MTBA coaches
  • host and assist with cycling races and events throughout the region
  • support and advocate for the Sunshine Coast Trail Alliance, and
  • continue the development of trails such as the Parklands MTB Trail Network upgrades

Special projects aside there’s an ongoing review of our day to day activities. The annual membership survey results and ongoing feedback will inform us of what decisions need to be made and what initiatives we should pursue. We’ll present our response to the feedback and how it will influence our plans at the next annual general meeting in February/March for discussion.

As always we like to thank everyone for supporting our club and allowing us to pursue our vision.




Bunya Ride Summary 27/12/2016

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Bunya Ride Summary 27/12/2016

Bunya has been a long time staple of the Bushrangers riding diet, there’s even a club strava segment covering our favourite loop of the trails. This ride took us through both the Bunyaville and Samford Conservation Parks with a combination of Alan and John leading the group with a splinter group taking a shorter route towards the end.


Lifecycle bike shop is coming to our Bunyaville ride

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Lifecycle bike shop is coming to our Bunyaville ride
Click for the website

Click for the website

Hey there everyone,

Bushranger member Corinne is bringing the guys from Brisbane-based Lifecycle bike shop to next week’s away ride in Bunyaville (27/12/16).

The ride starts at the carpark on Linedrive terrace in Bunya at 7.15am with ride-off at 7.30am. Depending on numbers we’ll have two groups.



Wooroi Ride Summary – 18/12/2016

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Wooroi Ride Summary – 18/12/2016

Unlike previous summary write-ups that can be quite crass and rather uncivilised I thought I’d start off with a lovely poem I’ve called… A Crap Poem for Wooroi!

Rocks roll and move, the fallen sticks snap
Float and lean on the fast flowy track
Nobby tyres grip, high berms guide
Singletrack narrow, fire road wide
Look at where to go, not what to hit
Stop my Strava if it all turns to shit

Not bad eh? That’s freakin’ classy as!! But enough of this high-brow nonsense.