Global Fat Bike Day 2016 Summary – 03/12/2016

by Secretary
Global Fat Bike Day 2016 Summary – 03/12/2016
E-Fatbike outside Villain Coffee

Hello everyone,

I don’t know about you but I could barely sleep last Friday night because I knew that when I woke up it would be the most wonderful-est day of the year. GLOBAL FAT BIKE DAY!!!! #GFBD2016 #fatbikelove #chunky&spunky #phatfat #ihatehashtags

More girth, more mirth!

More girth, more mirth!

“What exactly is a fatbike?” I hear you ask. Good question! In my eyes a fatbike is a bike with tyres over 3.5″ wide. Now I know there are these new “plus” bikes out there with 3″ tyres but it’s just not the same so maybe one day they’ll have a “Global Half-Assed Fat Bike Day” and they can ride around and be shunned from both sides.

Here is an interesting chart which visibly shows the results of a “lengthy” and “unbiased” study into the correlation of tyre width and LOA (Level of Awesome). Note the strange drop around the 3″ mark.


In our club we have a few folks who have seen the light and gotten their hands on the sublime high that is a fatbike. These people all got out and about on Saturday and strutted their stuff on their enhanced bicycles.

Julie Pearson took her recently built beast for a early morning beach ride from Mudjimba to Yaroomba and back with a bit of swim afterwards.

Nice pic Julie!

Nice pic Julie!

This is one nice bike although that seat touched me in a weird way

This is one nice bike although that seat touched me in a weird way

Ruth Huckstepp took her shiny new Trek Farley for a 43km jaunt around Tewantin and Noosa. Look at those new 27.5 x 4.5″ fat tyres.

John Searston, Tania Marks, Neil Ennis and Helen and Wayne Findley went down to a large group ride along Bribie Island. Apparently it was a tough day indeed with a 30km ride into a strong head wind then a hard ride back into the face of a severe thunderstorm. HARDCORE!! Check out Neil’s great write up here.

I had a busy day lined up for Saturday so I had to get up early and squeeze a 32km fatbike ride in. I did some exploring through Nambour, out to Wappa dam then back down to Woombye. It was amazing being out and about at that time.

Did anyone else get out on their fatbikes? Leave us a pic in Facebook.

Yours truly,

Michael “Feel dat TRACTION!” Johns
Club Secretary

PS: I actually own a plus bike and it rocks!

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