Pomona to Kin Kin Ride Summary 27/11/2016

by President
Pomona to Kin Kin Ride Summary 27/11/2016
hill (/hɪl/) – noun
1. a naturally raised area of land, not as high or craggy as a mountain. thoroughly enjoyed by mountain bikers.

With over 1000m of climbing over a relatively short 40km the theme for Sunday’s ride was HILLS. Glorious uninterrupted climbing for miles! Climbing over dirt and gravel, climbing over grass, climbing over rocks, trees, small animals! We climbed everything. Nick, one of our resident single speed advocates, must have planned for all this ascending and rocked up on a shiny new climbing weapon – a Specialized Epic FSR in Teal/Rocket Red livery. He still rode it like a single speed and kept running out of the little grinding gears.

Twelve brave riders began the climb up ‘Trail 5’ to Cooran with a sneaky diversion along some hidden single track and over a slippery log. We migrated onto the notorious ‘Trail 3’ which hosted the bulk of the delicious hills including the “mothar” which one can barely walk up let alone keep the front wheel down to ride up.

Shelly the horse whisperer

Shelly the horse whisperer

Occasionally we stopped at some lookouts and other points of interest to admire other far off hills. While pondering their natural beauty we were wondering if we could also ride up them someday.

Sadly all good things must come to an end and we reached the end of the climbing and were presented with 1km of gnarly, twisty, lumpy decent down to Upper Pinbarren Creek Road. Some would consider this the highlight of the ride saying things like “We should do shuttle runs of that!” and “OMG my brakes faded! I almost died! But I loved every minute of it!”. It was pretty fun and had a bit of everything including a natural rock garden. Also I’d like to point out that club treasurer Craig went over the bars – I think he was annoyed that we weren’t climbing anymore.

Luckily there were a few more lovely hills just before Kin Kin where we had our mid ride break at the Kin Kin General Store – try the iced tea!

Sadly this is where our off-road travels end as trails 2 and 4 have been cut off from the Kin Kin side. So everyone rode their own pace back to the cars along Pomona-Kin Kin Road.

Great day out in great weather. Thanks to all for a good ride and company.
Ben Johns
Club President
Ride and elevation map

Ride and elevation map