Terry’s Cooroy/Pomona Adventure Ride Summary – 24/09/2017

by Secretary
Terry’s Cooroy/Pomona Adventure Ride Summary – 24/09/2017
We had to bravely cross the "Not Particularly Treacherous Creek of Disappointing Emptiness"!

Hello Bushies,

The Kangaroo coldly stared in disgust at Brad’s old, skanky sun sleeves

So first up, a bit of an apology for a technical glitch with the Google Maps link. It seems the link worked correctly on a computer (which I checked) but not on a phone (which I did not check). So a few riders rocked up on the other side of the dam and missed the ride off time. But all things worked out in the end with this smaller group going on their own adventure ride and catching up with the main group later on.

17 riders showed up at Mary River Cod Park (with 5 more meeting us later on the ride). Big hello to new riders Sally, Timmo, and Jonathan and Angie – I hope you all had fun.

The weather forecast said today was going to be hot but it was not that bad really. Riding through the trees gave us some shade and the wind on our faces from the 20-metre gap jumps kept us cool.

We saw a bit of wildlife on this ride with sightings of a tiger snake, a big goanna and a pretty big kangaroo who was giving us the evil eye!

Thanks for leading the ride Terry and good job with the corner marking everyone (there was lots of pizzazz!).

But enough talk! Here are some pics.

Kind Regards,

Michael (The reports of my death were greatly exaggerated) Johns
Club Secretary