New Committee Position Available

by Secretary
New Committee Position Available
Join the Committee! You might get a sticker? - APPLY NOW!

Have you ever finished a hard day at work and said to yourself “If only I could spend these precious few hours left in the day to do MORE WORK FOR FREE”? If you said YES!… then you are a bit weird, but that’s cool because you could be a great fit with the Bushranger MTB Club Committee! So read the following and if you can help then contact Ben at [email protected]!

Position Title:

Executive Director – Department of Non-Local Trail Usage (aka. Away Rides/Camping Trip Organiser)

What you will need to do:

  • Decide where the club could go by listening to requests from members or the MTB grapevine (note that is a metaphor – there is no actual grapevine).
  • Work out if it’s a day trip or a camping event and create the itinerary with meeting points and camping locations.
  • Let the Secretary know the details to publish online.
  • Ride and have fun and be there to answer any questions and help things run smoothly.

What you don’t have to do:

  • Calendar updates
  • Website posts
  • Social media updates
  • Massage the President’s feet

What’s in it for you:

  • Glory!
  • Maybe some pizza at the committee meetings
  • a STICKER!!
  • Maybe an awkward shoulder rub?

Serious note:

The club is booming! The club’s membership is growing astronomically and things are happening at a dizzying speed with current projects underway and more projects on the horizon.  There are a lot of balls in the air and we just need to pass a couple of them to others. In particular we know the Away Rides and Camping trips have always been a club favorite and we don’t want them to get lost under other things. Also remember that we have a great committee which will be there to help if you need it.

Michael Johns
Club Secretary