Parklands Ride Summary 08/01/2017

by President
Parklands Ride Summary 08/01/2017

Haven’t rode in Parklands all year! (haha I kill me).

While we dawdled around the end of Atkinson Road waiting for the late arrivals to get ready Will brandished his latest trail weapon – a black and yellow Intense Carbine (Intense with a capital I, although it was pretty exciting). Yielding it with a deftness reserved for the most skilled of riders he sprinted into the forest to surmount the prevailing chaos of rocks, sticks, and the occasional bandicoot. The ragtag group of bushies and guests from Gympie and Brissy loosely followed…

Given the rain the evening before we anticipated a bit of mud and the occasional damp tree root. It was mostly dry in the loamy and sandy soils of the Meadows and Shadowlands with the occasional bit of slick mud and slippery root over the west side along Hoe Chi Ho and Road Rage. Only a single rut was found so kudos to the trail fairies. Overall the forest was fresh and green – good to see as the place has been dry and brown for a while.

During the ride everyone was intently watching Paul on his 26er (non-fat, there actually wasn’t a fat bike in sight, it was great) as he rode over larger rocks and rollovers with steep exits. Sadly the wheels stayed true and he didn’t go over the bars leading to an uneventful ride for him. I guess there’s some truth to the stories of 26ers peacefully roaming Parklands without accident.

Ride was all done by around 10AM leaving plenty of time to catch up over coffee and the Bli Bli Bakery.

Nice ride guys and a great day for it too. Hope to see you out on the trails again soon.

P.S. Rod got his Garmin 520 back so no need to keep looking.



Following photos and video by Alan W and myself.