Sugarbag Ride Summary – 29/01/2017

by Secretary
Sugarbag Ride Summary – 29/01/2017
Some cool stuff is appearing in the "Candy Store"

This bit always makes my head hurt

Greetings ‘Rangers

Sunday’s ride was in Sugarbag again and as normal we started at the Caloundra Aquatic centre. Although this time there was no over-protective magpie with murder in it’s eyes so that was nice.

Due to the camping trip in Bayview and other riders doing their own thing in Wooroi we had a smaller group of 12 including new riders, Marty and Pete.

No ride leader had been organised so I stepped up and led us all to the start of the trails and down Sweet Sugar trail. Now navigation isn’t really my strong suite so I thought I was doing pretty well until I got to that bit where it crosses over itself like a billion times. The lack of coffee, Al’s bright shirt and the multiple decisions being crammed into my neural pathways at once almost forced my head to reboot and orifices to empty spectacularly. Luckily Paul took the lead while I got back to making cool Bruce Lee noises when I rode over anything challenging.

The trail fairies have been changing out a lot of the old, tired timber features with some good looking strong ones. Some comments were made that the new features weren’t as difficult as the old ones but they are still challenging and they are definitely built to last. There is always a fine line between making something challenging and making something unsafe and I think these new features strike a good balance.

Paul, Susie and Al had a play on some of the black diamond stuff in the Candy store section of Sugarbag and kudos to Di who did some pretty impressive riding over some difficult obstacles (although I’m not sure she actually meant too some of the times).

Afterwards we met up for some really good coffee at The Pocket at Moffatt beach. Shout out to Hit Bikes too, I had a bit of a drool over the Mondraker in your window. Sorry about the mess.

I hope everyone had a good ride and I’ll see you all again next week.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael “High pitch squeals really help” Johns
Club Secretary

Ride map and elevation