Pomona-Cooran Club Ride Summary – 16/04/2017

by Secretary
Pomona-Cooran Club Ride Summary – 16/04/2017
Cruising up Arthyr Road, Cooran

Greetings everyone,

Toby and Chad lost in a deep conversation about plasterboard.

So the club ride on Sunday was a smaller affair than normal with a lot of members doing the family thing or camping at Hiddenvale. I was going to have to lead this ride due to President Ben recently bouncing down the Bottle ‘n’ Glass trail on his face. But luckily for everyone Toby and Chad came along and led instead because quite frankly I navigate as well as a bird flies a plane.

So there was Di and Shelly on this ride as well as myself, Toby, Chad, Martin, Steve and guest rider Mark. I hope you all had a good ride.

We started at Pomona and rode through the Tuchekoi National Park before crossing Jampot Road into Furgusons Road. We followed the horse trail up that challenging climb and then dropped into the cool single-tracks that follow Jampot Creek Road. We then cut across the bitumen and followed trail 5 into Cooran.

Shelly coming down the switchbacks

At Cooran we went to the switchbacks at the end of Arthys Road and took the obligatory photos in the bamboo thicket. We also saw Tara here walking her cool dogs. After this we were all ready for coffee so we turn around and headed back to Pomona.

Stand out moments:

  • Chad doing casual wheelies up a climb the rest of us were laboring up :o(
  • Toby and Chad freaking out that a car was coming when it was just me and my fatbike – BAHAHA!
  • Mark and Marty got to flex their elite bridge building skills complete with the casual stomp test for safety/sturdiness.
  • There was a cafe opened in Pomona – thank god!

Thanks for the ride everyone. See you at Mapleton next week if I don’t see you at the night ride on Wednesday!

Michael “Sidewall Tear” Johns
Club Secretary

Ride map and elevation