Bush Ranger Jerseys

by Michael
Bush Ranger Jerseys
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Joey looks up sadly and says “I just wish I could be cooler so I could impress a potential sexual partner of my preferred gender and live happily ever after”.
His friend stops shooing away a large group of crazed, lust-filled potential sexual partners with a stick, and looks at Joey with concern. “Maybe you should buy an awesome Bush Rangers jersey?” the friend says.
Joey’s face brightens up and he says “Yeah?! Do you think that will help? Is that what your secret is?”. 
The beautiful, intelligent yet modest friend guffaws and says “I highly doubt it! They are just cool looking jerseys and it helps out the club. But if you really want to know my secret…” the friend pauses, looks around and then leans in with a conspiratorial smile and whispers four words “Get a fat bike!”.
MORAL OF THE STORY: Buy a jersey and fat bikes are cool!

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