Wooroi Ride Summary – 26/02/2016

by Secretary
Wooroi Ride Summary – 26/02/2016
Greg's Jedi powers were weak today

Hey everyone,

OK, I promise not to do any poetry about Wooroi today (we had a person unsubscribe from the newsletter after that last Wooroi summary so I’m taking the hint and keeping it low brow!).

The day was perfect for a ride and we coagulated in the carpark to wait for the ride briefing and admire the new steeds that had entered our horde.  Murray had bought along his highly anticipated turquoise Yeti SB4.5 with the colour-coded wheels and golden drivetrain. Did you know that the colour turquoise is a “color that alleviates feelings of loneliness but relates to being either over-emotional or non-emotional, lacking communication skills, being unreliable and deceptive”. So if I was being an aloof twat to anyone today it was Murray’s bikes fault.

The other new bike was Rod’s new Canyon hardtail. This thing looked great but with it’s unbelievably light weight it suspiciously smacks of some sort of anti-gravity doping or even just some run of the mill inter-dimensional weight transference magic.

But back to the ride. We had a great turnout today with 27 riders showing up to ride the awesomeness that is Wooroi. Big hello to new rider Dave who was battling from the get-go due to a big night. He bravely struggled through Snake/Bloodwood, Crosscut and Milkmaid but called it stumps as we passed back through the carpark. You did good Dave! Also welcome back to Wayne and Helen from CORCA who have been away for awhile – now I don’t know if it’s just me but Wayne’s fatbike makes this weird hypnotic tyre noise – it’s calming effect could send you to sleep if you weren’t careful.

We split into two groups with the fast guys leaving first to tear through the park at 1300 km/hr and they probably only stopped once to let the speed of sound catch up. The rest of us maintained a leisurely pace and made our way around the trails from Snake, to Milkmaid, to Turn 10 and finally Secrets. Lot’s of PRs in Strava to be had and Susie and Craig got a top 10 each so go you good things!

There were a few mechanicals this ride with 2 punctures and a dodgy chain holding us up but otherwise the ride went pretty smoothly with no accidents apart from Dave S having a small stack up Crosscut. Apparently there was some confusion at the bottom of Snake/Bloodwood as the group waited for Neil and myself as we repaired his puncture. I had stupidly forgotten my phone and they couldn’t get in touch with me and assumed the worst. Now I’d like to think that there were tears and wailing and frustrated fist shaking at the sky with people shouting “Why God why?? He was so beautiful and so young! Take me instead!!” BUT in reality dibs were being called on my bikes by some and others just thought I had hit my 10km ride threshold and gone off for coffee. So rude!

On a serious note though. We just want to reiterate that we are happy to have members from other clubs come along for our rides. As long as you are MTBA insured then come along for a couple of our rides and have a coffee with us!

Thanks for the ride everyone! See you next week.

Michael “My bike is coming with me!” Johns
Club Secretary 

Fast group ride map and elevation


Not-so-fast group ride map and elevation