Maintenance Monday! Tubeless Tyres

by Secretary
Maintenance Monday! Tubeless Tyres
Thinking about going tubeless?

Had a few punctures on the weekend’s ride so Ben thought that we should put up some information about setting up your wheels as tubeless.

Now tubeless has its pros and cons and you have diehard supporters on both sides. Some people prefer the support a tube gives the tyre and it’s a lot simpler to setup. Other people like how tubeless setups prevents general punctures and “snake bites” and can be run with less pressure which gives more grip.

Below is a great video from the guys at GMBN taking you through a tubeless setup BUT remember it’s not a big cost to get your local bike shop to do it for you. Once you have tried to furiously pump air into a tyre that doesn’t want to inflate you might appreciate the tools and experience a bike mechanic has to offer.