Groover Method Discount Groover Method Discount

Groove Mmethod OnlineFor the next two weeks MTBA members receive 25% discount when they purchase The Groover Method Online MTB Skills Course presented by fellow Bushie, Chris Carter.

Chris kindly provided a personal introduction to the course to Susie, Paul and myself on Friday. I found it has the potential to deliver excellent results and the considerable amount of time Chris has invested into the course is certainly evident. The methodology helps you maintain focus on the things that matter by removing the needless thoughts and effort that sap your strength and concentration. They also help you be a safer rider if you’re not interested in the performance benefits.

Check out and enter GROOVER25 and your MTBA Member number* in the payment section to get instant access.

Interested but not an MTBA member yet? Check out our Join-Us page for the details on how to sign up before you purchase The Groover Method.

*Discount available to financial MTBA members only.