Club Website Update

by President
Club Website Update

Updates have been a bit slow as we’re beavering in the background committing grant funds and organising the end of year event so I thought I’d fill the gap with a boring IT update (shoosh Michael).

Recently Microsoft offered to give us an annual credit to use with their Azure Cloud Service. Since December 2015 we have been hosting our website on Google Compute Engine and while I really like the way they do things it does come at a cost.

So earlier this week I set up Microsoft Azure Sponsorship subscription and proceeded to run my usual suite of tests to flesh out the new environment and to ensure all the bells and whistles worked. Having used Azure for work made things easier but different subscriptions can mean different features.

Once happy that the new digs were behaving predictably I spun up a fresh virtual machine that is 10 times the size/power of the old one in the South East Australia datacentre that was opened at this time in 2014. Then I transferred the website content over, ran the acceptance tests, and wrote the as-built with a bonus howto.

All while sitting on the couch watching Rick and Morty episodes on Netflix.

Hopefully all that has resulted in a better performing website for you guys. If anything we’re saving money to use for other things. Now back over to Mountain Bike things.

IT Crowd Datacentre

Our box is the 3rd from the left