New Trail Counters Installed in Parklands

by President
New Trail Counters Installed in Parklands
Shiny new counters all ready to get buried!

If you find one of these please report it to us.

Hi Folks,

We now have three TRAFx trail counters (currently set up in Parklands) to gain insight into how often trails are used. These statistics are invaluable for trail maintenance, research, and project planning/funding. They’re hidden from view but if you happen to find one please report it to us and we’ll find a better hiding place.

Additionally QPWS will be installing another set for their use and we’ll be working with them by sharing statistics and identifying which trails need to be counted during which periods.

We’ll aim to publish the findings periodically and as part of our annual report.

Please note that no identifying information is collected by these counters. No pictures, blood samples, signatures or retina scans will be taken, it just senses the bike rolling past.

With these counters the club has now put together a fairly comprehensive set of trail care tools and services all with the support of our fantastic volunteers, awesome members, QPWS and government grants (i.e. Friends of Parks grant, the Community Benefit Fund, SCRC Major Community grant, and the Get Going Clubs grant).

Ben Johns
Club President


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