Bushrangers 3hr Endurance Race Map

by Secretary
Bushrangers 3hr Endurance Race Map

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Hello Racers,

Here is the map showing the directions for the race on Saturday.

  1. Dash up the driveway to spread everyone out.
  2. Drop down to the right and onto the start of the single track, repeat the purple and pink lines for first half of race.
  3. Gate switches over and you ride the orange and pink lines for next half of race.
  4. Person with the most laps done in 3hrs wins!

Afterwards we announce the winners, hand out their Right to Brag Certificates then we have food, drink and a prize draw.

PS: Some people have asked if they can book in later so we have kept the registration link opened until Wednesday 26th. Only 5 spots left.

Big thanks to Paul, Enplusone, Hit Bikes and Venture Cycles for their support.

Loop One Elevation – First Half of Race

Loop Two Elevations – Second Half of Race