Parklands MTB Trails Project Update 18/07/2017

by President
Parklands MTB Trails Project Update 18/07/2017
Big beautiful logs

The creek crossing along the beginners loop

Hi Folks,

After a hiatus at the end of June things are once again progressing with Trailworx Matt on the excavator pushing on through with the beginners loop. There’s now another 500m for our awesome trail crew to work on.

A Trail care day is planned for this Saturday afternoon 22nd July 2017 at 1:00PM.

Remember folks, we’re spreading the dirt over the track, not pushing it off. This is to let nature do its thing over time and produce a good smooth surface. Also we need to spread the leaf litter along the immediate edges of the new trail to help shore it up.


  • Nearly 50% of the beginners loop has been completed with sandstone placed at the crossings on the completed sections
  • The existing trail going from the end of ‘Rookie Road’ back onto Road Rage has been fixed up so it’s a nice cruise from the top of Rookie Road all the way to the tree root bit that everyone loves when wet
  • Back burning has been done, including the proposed skills area around the container
  • Large logs have been dropped off by QPWS for use in the skills area and progression trails, thanks for organising this Eugene!
  • Bridge materials list has been provided and in the process of being ordered – this bridge will cross the creek along the beginners loop – this is the same creek those two logs are crossing along ‘grand canyon’ trail.

Ben Johns
Club President

New trail since last trail care highlighted