Mapleton Back on the Community Ride Menu

by President
Mapleton Back on the Community Ride Menu

We’ve had a few requests to host community rides in Mapleton Forest again. So we’ll alternate between Ewen Maddock and Mapleton for a while and see how people go.

Mapleton can be a little challenging for a first time rider as there is a deceptive amount of climbing hidden in that road to the Oaky Creek lookout. So we’ve allowed for two meeting points (Mapleton Lilly Ponds and the Mapleton Forest Day Use Area) to try and make the ride shorter for those who may be a little concerned about the effort.

Members take note that this isn’t like the usual club rides in Mapleton Forest. It’s a straight up and back to the lookout via the access road with no side tracks. Keep it simple so no one bonks out or gets lost.

The Mapleton Forest Day Use Area has recently been refurbished with additional car parking and the trailhead further up the road has also been redone to accommodate the the motorcycles better.