Night Riding

by President
Night Riding
Ewen Maddock Dam at dusk.

The monthly club night rides are always a pleasant experience. There is something about riding at night that let’s you drift off into a trance where you can reflect upon the past and yet at the same time enjoy the present, the time out on the bike. You could say it’s a style of mindfulness – maybe I should write a book?

There has never been an easier time to take up off-road night riding. There are so many lighting options and the prices affordable. For a small investment of a good bar and helmet light you open up a world of riding opportunities. The trails you thought you knew backwards and upside-down become alien yet somehow the light beams focus your attention and you go faster and smoother.

I find there is little more disconcerting than to ride in the dark for a time, out in the wilderness on your favourite trail, and then stop. The comforting sounds of the wind and the bike, the sounds of progress, cease – leaving utter silence. You begin to question things and soon you desire to go back to the comfort of progressing. However should you stay yourself and persist awhile you become attuned to your new surroundings and then you can continue.

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