Go G.I.R.L. Coaching with Janine Jungfels


A summary of go girl coaching

By Paul Hume


Janine Jungfels is an absolute gem, I watched her coach with a contagious enthusiasm for four and a half hours without a coffee stop! Even on a good day I can’t do more than two hours of work straight without the need for caffeine enhancement.

She is World UCI trials champion 2015 and with luck she will be there on the top step of the podium 2016. We are so privileged to have access to her coaching, which only happened by chance conversation. We sold my sons bike to her “mum” Laurie Aves, who Janine is living with.

Pretty hard not to have a good time when you’re on your bike, even harder when your being coached by the worlds best. The ladies were certainly out of their comfort zones doing “wheelies” up the path, OMG, I nearly laughed out loud each time they went past. But being the professional I am, kept my … together. All the women were coached on cornering and bike control, small drops and weight transfer 101.

Finally they attacked the skinny planks, this is where I saw some really determined looks in their eyes, not dissimilar to the look when you say “we can’t afford another dress darling”. It amazed me that almost none of them could ride in a straight line for 2.4 metres, but as if by osmosis they ALL managed to ride the plank “AARGH” , and then move on to conquer the see-saw . Over and over, giggling like little girls,