Go G.I.R.L. Mid Week Parkies Challenge

Grey clouds were looming but some brave ladies still turned up despite their reservations. (About the trails not the weather). Tania Marks, Fiona Langfeldt & Michelle Woods had heard of “Parkies” (as it is affectionately known), particularly in the wet. It suits ladies with determination and guts! You will have a few spills but it promises to make you a better rider. That’s why we love her.

Parkies did live up to all that and more. We started out at Radar Hill side & started climbing almost straight away. I like to do the hard stuff early when you have energy for it! Well that’s the plan anyway. We rode past the voodoo doll and attacked road rage rainforest. Once nearly to the end, one rider noticed that they didn’t have their drink bottle so it was decided (somewhat reluctantly) knowing the roots we had conquered, to go back down and find it. Fiona after wrestling with a root & taking a tumble decided to have a well earned rest whilst we went looking for the elusive item!

At some point, close to the car park, we decided to keep going as we didn’t bring lights. I told Fiona we wouldn’t need them! Tania went all the way back and took a short cut via a fire road. We would meet her at the start of Cancer tree, we shouldn’t be that long! We continued back up road rage, collected Fiona and climbed the tricky CCC track, crossing 3 troll bridges. One is well known to catch you unaware (yours truly still remembers the bruises)! I stopped to be catcher, prepared with my brand new, still in plastic, first aid kit in my back pack he he. Michelle and Fiona gave it a good crack, with my expert tuition (you don’t want to land down there), they got three quarters of the way around an off camber corner. It took me a lot longer to work that one out! With my kit still intact we vowed to get it next time!

After a few tips; such as “No riding over any pythons”, “Don’t try to jump over one either and miss”, “Watch out for Hobbit Gully & don’t ride off any bridges”, we took in the beautiful scenery of Cancer Tree! If only you could hear the stories the forest could tell … Meanwhile, Tania was deciding whether to send for the search and rescue team.

After a brief refuel, we rode all together at last, up the S’s or AKA called Rock and Roll escape up. I have the QOM STRAVA record for this year. You’re welcome to come and beat my time! (I know Michelle will be first of many, I could see her determination as she was hot on my back wheel). I’ll even help you. Ride as hard as you can from the entrance and don’t stop, if you are wondering where the end is, it’s not there, no not there either, keep going he he! You’ll know that’s the end of the segment when you hit the fire trail. No seriously, I am happy to ride with anyone who wants to take her riding to the next level.

Back to the story… in the end, the ladies got the Parkies thumbs up because they rode so well and finished doing Ho Chi Ho, one of the faster flowy fun trails (yes, there’s fun trails in there)  just before the heavens opened. You were all challenged and didn’t give up so you get a gold star for braving the wet roots, which no one likes & surprisingly said you would ride with me again!  (no photo because camera lens fogged up)!