27/03/2016 – Sugarbag club ride summary

by Secretary
27/03/2016 – Sugarbag club ride summary

Overall a good ride with a good turnout and thankfully the rain holding off until the end of the ride.

Had a few people conquer their fears and succeed getting over a few of the hairier obstacles on the trails, which were then accompanied with the mandatory whooping and high fives afterwards. Unfortunately there were a couple of whoopsie daisies and I hope those riders pulled up OK the next day.

Interesting events:

  • I met a friendly fellow fatbiker wearing clipless sandals (I thought they were a myth).
  • I accidentally did the tricky stuff because I made the mistake of following Toby and Alf.
  • Paul wash his bike from from the back of his van – we think it was either black magic or he was actually dosing his bike in fuel.
  • Susie’s “waahoo’s” actually echo of the trees for a whole 90 seconds and intimidate nearby birds.
  • Andrew’s experiment of trying to cure a big night by bike riding didn’t work as well as he hoped.

See you next week everyone!