20/03/2016 – Mapleton community ride summary

by Secretary
20/03/2016 – Mapleton community ride summary
Community Ride at Mapleton Forest April 2016

Well what a great ride today was!

John was ride leader today and rumour had it that he was going to mix things up a bit. Now on the few rides I’ve been on where John says this it usually meant we were up for a whole lot of climbing and I’d more than likely be saying words similar to “goshdarnit” and  “I think I’m a little bit pooped”. But my fears were totally unwarranted because the ride ended up being pretty awesome and just the right amount of challenging. Initial ride briefing was loud and clear, the trails chosen were a good mix of climbing, flow and technical and the ride was smoothly adapted where needed to account for the varying fitness levels of the group.

It was big group of 28 today and after riding together from the Mapleton township through some beautiful trails we arrived at the Mapleton Day Use Area where we split up into a “Gung Ho” group and a “Moderate” group. The gung ho group shot down the newly improved Magic Mile trail and then rode down and climbed back up from the Kureelpa Falls. The other group also did the Magic Mile trail and then came back along the road back to  Mapleton where we met up for some well earned coffee and cafe treats.

Thanks John for a good ride today and thanks to all that helped. Big shout out to our distinguished visitors from Harvey bay, CORCA and the Sunshine Coast Cycle Touring club and a big “you go girl!”to the rookie on the Intense dualie who just kept powering on!


Michael “Fatbike is the new black” Johns