10/04/2016 – Parklands club ride summary

by Secretary
10/04/2016 – Parklands club ride summary
Craig sobbing because he was riding a Giant bike.

Eight of us showed up for another casual jaunt through Parklands today. The weather was good and the trails were spot on with most of the mud gone. We had Alf, Chris, Craig, Damien, Pete and Will show up and we hooked up with some other riders later on.

Today’s intrepid ride leader was Greg and he did a fine job with his selection of trails that were challenging and fun. He even took the others who wanted more for an even longer ride.

Total ride time for the final four was 3.5hrs, ride length was around 20km and there was either 400, 500 or 700m of elevation depending on who’s Garmin you believe.

This sucks

This sucks!

I bowed out 1hr in with yet another sidewall tear as I tore down lower NZ (obviously caused by my hardcoredness).