Special Event: Parklands Dash Experiment – Sat 4th June 10AM

by Secretary
Special Event: Parklands Dash Experiment – Sat 4th June 10AM

Hello ‘rangers,

We are cooking up some events to liven up our ride calendar.

Ben “El Presidente” has got some good things underway but in the meantime I want to put on an event at Parklands on Saturday 4th June at 10am. Now this event isn’t your traditional circuit/lap race. It will require speed, strategy and quick decision making so I’m hoping it will equalise the field a bit (and no, it’s not a poker run ride – although that’s a good idea for another event).

I’ll send more details later but for now here is what I can say:

  • There is no charge – for now this is a fun, informal experiment to see if it works
  • We’ll put on a BBQ (and we may even cook some food on it)
  • Riders will need to be members (for the insurance)
  • Awesome prizes!!*

*Prize pool will consist of the following:

  • a certificate of bragging rights (valid until the next event – terms and conditions apply)
  • a big metaphorical trophy of glory (to hold over your head on the invisible podium of victors while everyone claps once or twice to be polite)
  • lovely bouquet of grass and weeds that we will tear up from side of the road
  • Maybe a sausage on bread…maybe.

If this goes well we can make it a Bushranger “thing”.

Warmest regards,

Michael “el secretario?” Johns

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