08/05/2016 – Parklands Club Ride Summary

by Secretary
08/05/2016 – Parklands Club Ride Summary

We had a smaller group today because of the camping trip this weekend but weather was great and the trails were good.

Chad took Alf, Andrew, Chris, Will, Graham, Steve and Neil out from the Radar Hill carpark, along Road Rage, over to Red Dog then back around to Lower NZ and Ho Chi Ho. Alf copped a catastrophic sidewall tear on those jagged rocks on top of Road Rage but then drove home, replaced the tyre and came back to finish the ride. That is dedication! Graham, Steve and Neil peeled off from the group and went a different route so I hope you guys had a good ride.

I took Greg the rookie out along the novice track and gave him a taste of mountain biking and Parklands. He did really well and I hope I didn’t bamboozle him too much with all the advice. It’s amazing how much you need to think about when you ride, only really realise it when you have to explain it to someone.

Smurfette with the new 4.8" tyres

Smurfette with the new 4.8″ tyres

This was “Smurfette’s” first ride after I tore a tyre on lower NZ on the last Parklands ride. Despite the fatter tyres she flew down the trails and I got through with no punctures or sidewall tears, so that was nice.

Thanks for the ride today guys.


Michael “Fast and Furious” Johns