Special Event Update: Parklands Dash Experiment – Sat 4th June 10AM

Special Event Update: Parklands Dash Experiment – Sat 4th June 10AM

Hello Bushrangers,

The Parklands Dash experiment is getting closer (10am, Sat 4th June 2016) so here is a bit more information for you.

1. It isn’t a race

After talking to MTBA about insurance and the different memberships we all have (e.g. race or recreation) this experiment will definitely not be a “race”. So there will be no official timing and no prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.apart from bragging rights and glory of course. So it’s more of a fun day where you can challenge yourself, have a good ride, brag and get some food afterwards.

2. Parking and staging area

Current plan is to start the ride at the end of Radar Hill Road, up towards the quarry where the bitumen stops. This will keep the main carpark free for other park users (we can park along the side of Radar Hill road). Starting the ride here gives us that stretch of dirt road to start and finish the ride in spectacular fashion.

3. Food and drink

We will setup the marquee, BBQ and have some cold drinks ready.

4. Volunteers

I’ll need people to act as marshals, which means you’ll wait at a certain point in the park and tell each rider crucial information as they come to you. You’ll also need to caution any other park users that we are all out and about.

5. What next?

Next week I’ll send out the final information with a register link so we can work out numbers.

Parklands Dash