22/05/2016 Ringtail Forest Ride Summary

by President
22/05/2016 Ringtail Forest Ride Summary
Checking out a few of the forgotten forestry access tracks.

This morning was 17°C and overcast when eleven of us met at Read Park, Tewantin. We set out along McKinnon Drive towards the Tewantin National Park where we took ‘Harry’s Shortcut’ and the McKinnon Drive single track to Old Tewantin Road. The route was one used by Richard Poyner in Tewantin the week before and looked good on the map so we gave it a go.

A gradual climb up to the north of Lake Macdonald and then along the bitumen to the Old Coach trail (Alternate 4) and onto forestry roads (and some of the steepest climbs of the ride) to the top of the old Noosa Enduro downhill track which has lasted through the years but it starting to suffer a bit thanks to trail bikes.  At this point we began our trip back using park/forestry roads until we hopped back onto McKinnon Dr but taking a short cut via the suburbs to Lake Cooroibah Road and then the paths back to the cars.

The only glitch this ride was Greg sneaking off into the bushes to water some plants causing us to leave him behind. Michael ventured back and found him lurking around a pile of dead fish near McKinnon Dr.

We then went to Cafe Doonan for the well earned coffee and talked about how Michael and his Fat bike had the clear advantage on that 30 metres of sandy track we found.

All up the ride went for 40km and had around 420m of climbing, most of which were a few pinches scattered around Ringtail Forest.