Parklands Dash Experiment – Sat 25th June

Parklands Dash Experiment – Sat 25th June
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OK let’s try this again.

We are going to do the Dash on the 25th of June but we’ve decided to go with the full Alley cat style ride so read the updated format change below.

Rider (and volunteer) registration and further information is available through the following link.

Updated Race Format

OK, here is the NEW race format.

  • Register online and on the day go to the registration desk and draw your playing card.
  • During the ride briefing everyone will get a map with the checkpoints on it. You must get to each checkpoint and get your card stamped. Then bring your completed card back to the registration tent.
  • You can get to the checkpoints whichever way you like and in any order you like (but you must stick to trails and fire roads). As a nod to the original Alley Cat bike messengers you will have a delivery to make during the race.
  • Joker advantage – If you draw the Joker you will have an advantage to do with what you will. The holder of the Joker will be given the checkpoints earlier and be given a head start.

Just leave any questions in the comments and RSVP to [email protected].