Supporting the Local Bike Shops Initiative

by Secretary
Supporting the Local Bike Shops Initiative
Basic Bike Maintenance Workshops

We believe that local bike clubs are in a great position to help support local bike shops. Our members can give the shops their custom and endorsements and then members get advice, support and a place to get that small bolt that you snapped the day before a race.

We had to think of a way to support all the shops. A way that was also easy to manage and didn’t alienate anyone. So the plan is that we simply invite a bike shop to come ride with us each month (probably the Parklands or the social ride).

So in doing this we get to meet the bike shops, ask them questions and ogle/drool over the new bikes. The bike shops get to meet us, tell us any industry news and show us their wares in action.

We are hoping that this will help build a strong network within the local cycling community which will help in future events such as races, trail advocacy, grant applications and promoting the coast as a premier biking location.

I’ve approached all the MTB shops on the coast (…I think) and have had a positive response from most of them. So far the following shops have replied and are keen to come ride with us:

Let me know if someone isn’t here as I may not have contacted them yet.


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