Parklands Ride Summary – 14/08/2016

by Secretary
Parklands Ride Summary – 14/08/2016
About to start Cancer Tree

Greetings ‘rangers!

So I have to write the ride summary today but I kinda wussed out after 6km so there will be some glaring holes which I will try to fill with my imagination.

We all rocked up between 6.30am to 7.15am because everyone is still confused about whether we are running summer or winter start times. For the record we are still running WINTER hours so the rides start at 7.30am but get there at 7.15am or earlier to get ready.

There was about 12 of us today with the usual guys, the lovely Susie and a couple of new visitors – welcome Dave from Trailblazers and new rider Ben. I hope you had a good ride!

It was a beautiful day although a bit chilly at first but we all warmed up quickly – especially going up that root-filled climbing bit on ‘Road rage’.

We took off on a clockwise loop of the park with us going up ‘Road rage’ first, then down ‘Anger management’ and then up ‘Cabo Creek Climb’ to the intersection at the top of ‘Cancer Tree’ – that’s the No 4 loop I think. This is where I peeled off with Ben when we went and looked at where the skills area is planned to go.

So I’m now going to try and fill the gap with what I think happened.

  1. Everyone shot down into Cancer tree and climbed back up and had a rest. It was here that Paul said something like “You know what guys. That Michael seems like a really good bloke” to which everyone readily agreed and gave three cheers.
  2. The group then went up ‘Rock’n’roll’, onto ‘Top track’ and then down ‘Upper NZ’ into the ‘Meadows’.
  3. Apparently Susie totally nailed the ‘Phoenix’ flow trail and scored a personal best. Nice work!
  4. The group then rode back to the cars by going through ‘HoChiHo’ with a little diversion on ‘Jumping Ant’.
  5. It was here Chad packed his bike away in his cool ute and then did a massive burnout leaving “MICK ROCKS” in a lovely script font along Radar Hill Road.

Some of us met up afterwards at Bli Bli Bakery for coffee, unhealthy food and to regale stories about the morning’s ride.

Hope everyone had fun today. Seeya next week for the Ringtail Forest ride.

Michael “I’m still a bit sick” Johns
Club Secretary