Ewen Maddock Dam Community Ride Summary

by President
Ewen Maddock Dam Community Ride Summary
Beginning of the newly discovered trail at Ewen Maddock Dam

With a group 22 strong we set off from the Ewen Maddock Dam carpark on the usual route that takes us around the dam to Landsborough and through Dularcha to Mooloolah.

There was little mud about since SEQ Water have done a excellent job patching up the trails where water was collecting so it was smooth riding to Landsborough. Cutting though the township to the Dularcha ‘rail trail’ trail head re-grouping and then making our way along the wide trail through the tunnel and popping out at the township of Mooloolah.

A few at this point decided to take their coffee break at Kenny’s on Mooloolah while the rest of us made our way to Buck’s Bakery in Landsborough. I guess having a choice of places to have our coffee is nothing but a good thing.

After coffee it was off to a sneaky new trail that Terry and Al had explored earlier. This trail cuts across from the Ewen Maddock T1 trail to Steve Irwin Way and letting you skirt the bit of bank between the armco and the dam itself to the Ferny Forest trails – safer than riding on the road itself in someways and letting you stay on the dirt longer. Now we just need a sneaky route from Ferny Forest back to the car park.

Great day, great ride.