Sugarbag Ride Summary – 25/09/2016

by Secretary
Sugarbag Ride Summary – 25/09/2016
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14 riders showed up at the aquatic centre in Caloundra on Sunday morning. In addition to the regular crew we had a new rider, Sirrob, previous member Pete and Dean from Hit Bikes come along (Facebook:

There was a particularly nasty magpie near the carpark who attacked Toby and Neil as they rode to meet us, it attacked Sirrob as he just stood there waiting and I think it even called me fat.

We rode through Ben Bennett park and onto the Sugarbag trails. I was looking forward to checking out the new Syrup trail that Trailworx had worked on recently.

Terry and Tania went off and did their own thing but the rest of us stuck together and we went through the regular trails like Sugar and Honeycomb and we did the new Syrup trail a few times too. Syrup is a bit loose on the berms at the moment but it’s still pretty fun.

After the trails Pete and Dean said we should just ride to coffee because parking would be terrible. This sounded like a good idea so Dean showed us an easy way to get there and we had coffee on the grass overlooking the ocean. I reckon we should do this on every Sugarbag ride, it worked out great.

So overall the ride was 20km and a lot of fun (Toby did more because he rode from Mooloolaba – so hardcore!)

Thanks to Dean from Hit Bikes for showing us around the new Sugarbag trails and make sure you let us know when the shop opening is!