Ewan Maddock Dam Ride Summary – 05/03/2017

by Secretary
Ewan Maddock Dam Ride Summary – 05/03/2017
Jens ripping down Horseshoe Trail

Hello ‘rangers!

The weather was a bit dismal yesterday morning so I was expecting a low turnout at yesterday’s ride but we ended up with 25 people! We had Helen, Wayne, Julie and Ian from CORCA show up as well as new riders Em, Jason and Phil come along (I hope I got Phil’s name right). Pete Bigaila (the recently published megastar) was like, only a metre away from me. I swear I almost wet myself. If I had had a felt pen I would’ve asked him to sign my boobs or something and not bath ever again.

We rode through the dam trails with the idea we can take the sneaky shortcut to Ferny Forest but it ended up being way too boggy so we had to continue through to Landsborough then we rode back to Ferny Forest along Steve Irwin way. Ian and Julie dropped off here and had their coffee break at Landsborough. You did good Julie – 15km through loose trails at a rather brisk pace – nice work!

Brewhaha Coffee van at Ferny Forest!

Most of us stopped at Ferny Forest for coffee and a chat at the BrewHaha coffee van. A few of the others went off and did a lap of Ferny Forest before their coffee. This was where Chad got pretty dirty when he had a crash (yes, another one) while trying to keep up with Paul and Pete. I had a go at Graham’s Focus e-bike which was pretty cool (although the bike’s computer kept calling me Graham).

After our coffee we went through Ferny Forest then around on the road back to Maddock Park. Greg tried to take us down into a swamp as a shortcut but wisely we decided to back track and stick to the road. It was here while I was looking back over my shoulder checking on everyone that I ran through a large bush. Remember kids! Always face the right way when riding.

So at the end of the ride most of us had done 25km with some others getting more km’s with the extra loops of Ferny Forest.

Thanks for the ride everyone!

Michael “OMG OMG OMG!” Johns
Club Secretary


Ride map and elevations