Yandina/Cooloolabin Ride Summary – 26/03/2017

by President
Yandina/Cooloolabin Ride Summary – 26/03/2017
Upgraded lookout! Nice work QPWS

I like this ride because I can sleep in as it’s only 15 minutes drive away. I guess I could save a dolphin and ride to the meeting point…

Now this ride is split between two meeting points because the Bottle and Glass Road is a hefty climb and not everyone likes to start their day on the side of a dirt road vomiting up their breakfast due to over-exertion. However if this sounds like your kind of thing then make sure you come along to our Bottle’n’Glass Hill Climb race in Easter! That said quite a few riders chose to start in Yandina and brave the large climb to meet with the other group near the Cooloolabin Dam trail head.

Once the two groups had merged we started along the Cooloolabin Dam single-track that goes along the dam wall and follows the shoreline and eventually finishes in the day use area near the spillway. The recent rains had caused a bit of debris along the track but nothing that couldn’t be easily moved or ridden over.  This trail brings nice water views, beautiful little thickets of trees to ride through and nice loamy soils with the occasional obstacle to tackle.

This week’s predicted rain will hopefully give Cooloolabin dam a good top-up

Next up was a couple of moderate climbs up Cooloolabin Road to where it meets Mapleton Forest Road. Here we turned off to continue along the Cooloolabin Dam loop. The loop had it’s usual puddles but nothing that couldn’t be avoided. However you couldn’t avoid those steep pinch’y climbs and lumpy descents that the loop is good for. We regrouped on Buckby Road to see who wanted to continue up to the lookout or head back to the cars.

The lookout was amazing as it was a good day to see the view but after a few pics, a quick bite and chat we set off home. The riders who started in Yandina peeled off down the range but stopped to take a quick dip in a creek towards the bottom. The rest of us returned to our cars at the dam.

Big hello to new riders Amanda and Miles and welcome back to Damo who is back on the bike after his nasty collision with a tree at Ferny Forest. You guys did great and I hope you had a good time!

Other interesting facts:

  • Terry, Chad and Boaz each got a puncture barreling down Ron’s Palm track.
  • Neil didn’t stack it – good job Neil!
  • Chad got a sexy new bike and this one is not painted with molten barbie dolls.
  • Marty discovered how wonderful the Bottle ‘n’ Glass climb is (…it isn’t).

All in all a good ride on a clear day.

Ben Johns