Parklands Ride Summary – 09/04/2017

by Secretary
Parklands Ride Summary – 09/04/2017
Hoe-Chi-Hoe is cleared and riding well

Parklands was filled with Bushrangers on Sunday morning, as we had the normal club ride happening as well as a rookie ride for our beginner riders.

Sunday was also a very special day because not only was the weather sublime but it was also the official “Cherish an Antique Day” and “Name Yourself Day”. I’m a bit upset because if I had known earlier then I would’ve given Terry and Alf a big hug and called myself Max Power. But next Sunday is “Eggs Benedict Day” or “Wear Your Pyjamas to Work Day” so FYI everyone!

Big hello to our regular and new members and welcome to all of our guests for the day. I hope you all had a good ride.

Signing off,

Max Power!!
Club Secretary