More Slippery than Buttered Jelly – Parklands Ride Summary – 14/05/2017

by Secretary
More Slippery than Buttered Jelly – Parklands Ride Summary – 14/05/2017
Great shot!

Ride map and elevation

Despite some of the trails being a bit slippery in places Sunday’s Parklands ride was awesome! The rain held off, the temperature was perfect, the company was great, so yeah, pretty awesome!

Ben led the group down Phoenix first (also awesome) and then up Red Dog. We then went over and toodled around the Meadows for a bit until we got to the Komine fire road. We then went down T-Track (my new favorite track) and right down through Cancer Tree. A tree was down next to one of the creek crossings which blocked the normal line to take through the rocks, so that made things a bit of a challenge. We then did the Gumby track and a part of Road Rage.

We then rode up Ho Chi Ho (much better going down it Ben, just saying!). By this time we were getting pretty buggered so after that tedious fire road climb we were keen to head back to the cars. Andrew provided his super-secret-not-too-hard selection of trails to get from the middle gate across to Phoenix. Nice work Andrew and thank you M1 trail!

I forgot to take photos but luckily new rider Lumir took some good ones which he has provided for this summary. Thanks Lumir!

Thanks for the ride everyone. See you next time!

Michael “Purple bikes rock” Johns
Club Secretary