Wooroi Ride Summary 21/05/2017

by Miles
Wooroi Ride Summary 21/05/2017

The weather and trail conditions couldn’t have been better. We split into two groups, 14 in one and 8 in the other, with the fasties speeding off up Cross Cut to take advantage of the hero dirt on Snake and Spectator while the casual cruisers meandered up Birdwing to start off with Milkmaid and inched our way up Cross Cut to do the Snake/Bloodwood combo and then splitting up to do Secrets or Turn 10 + Secrets. A little bit of confusion in the fast group as some split right after Snake and others went straight. Then the casuals picked up a few of the fasties and… everyone had fun in the end anyway.

Today we were joined by a couple of locals, Cortney and Martijn, and a Gold Coast visitor which my sieve of a brain has forgotten his name – thanks for tagging along guys.

Brunch was had at Cafe Doonan as usual.

Distance awards goes to Pete – 126km and Andrew – 80km. They must hate sleeping.

Thanks goes to John for leading the fasties group and I lead the casual group.

Ben Johns
Club President

Casual Cruisers Group

Casual Cruisers Group Route

Fasties Group

Fasties Group Route