Parklands Night Ride Summary – 21/06/2017

by President
Parklands Night Ride Summary – 21/06/2017
Min Min lights!

Amazing how bright a little light can be

It was the nightiest of nights as it was the winter solstice and because we don’t do things by halves we chose to ride in this  cold inky blackness.

The soon-to-be haunters of the Parklands trails materialised out from the shadows, hungry for dark gnar! They rode their mechanical steeds of metal, carbon and rubber, with their lights fighting to burn away the dark and expose the single track ahead.

It was particularly quiet on this mysterious night, as if the creatures knew something we did not. This stillness was soon shattered by the sound of our tyres on rock and jovial banter as we rode the tight and twisty trails into the unseen. But alas it was an uneventful ride with nay a scary beast or ghost to be found.

Ride ended up being 10km and everyone was back home in time to don their slippers and watch the State of Origin.

Thanks for the ride everyone!

Ben Johns
Club President