Ewan Maddock Dam/Ferny Forest Ride Summary – 02/07/2017

by Secretary
Ewan Maddock Dam/Ferny Forest Ride Summary – 02/07/2017
Chilly morning at Ewen Maddock Dam

Greetings Bushies!

It is my honour to once again do the ride summary write-up this week. I apologise for my absence and even though I was sick for weeks I still feel like the lucky one because you’ve been having to read Ben’s dispassionate drivel. It has no romance! No pizzazz! He used not a single metaphor nor even glanced at a thesaurus! I was thoroughly flabbergasted! But seriously though, superlative job Ben, you did good.

Sunday’s ride was around the picturesque Ewan Maddock dam and through the Ferny Forest trails. It’s always a good social ride with something for everyone and lots of chatting. The meet-up point was the Maddock Park carpark and I arrived early to give me time to make sure my bike still worked after 5 weeks. Toby was there already and even though it was a chilly 7°C he was obviously enjoying this Scottish summer weather as he strolled past in a t-shirt saying something like “Och Aye! Guid mornin Michael. Havenae seen ye for awhile?” (or something like that anyway).

7:30am quickly came around and it was up to me to decide on the ride. So we through the dam trails as normal but then go into the Boggy Path of Multiple Directions and cross the Skanky Swamp of Skankiness using the Slippery Log of the Cursed Cleats. We then got onto Steve Irwin way, zipped down to Ferny Forest carpark and stopped for coffee at Brewhaha. Once we were suitably caffeinated we rode through Ferny Forest and back to the cars along Mooloolah Connection road.

This ride is great in that it can be customised for everyone really. Some of us did more laps of Ferny Forest, others had a quick look at the BMX track and others rode from across town to get a longer ride in for the day. Big thanks for Toby for leading at the front while I stayed at the back.

Some interesting points:

  • Paul Hume’s new Kona is very cool and a 29er too! (I just don’t know who you are any more Paul).
  • Horseshoe Hill has been graded and now has a lot of wicked waterbars across it. They look almost custom designed to kick the back of the bike up over your head.
  • We lost Mike in the Boggy Path of Multiple Directions but we found him again and he hadn’t been driven mad yet so that was good.

It was a good ride on what turned out to be a beautiful day. Thanks for coming everyone and a big hello to our new riders and the CORCA crew.

Michael “You know you missed me!” Johns
Club Secretary

Ride map and elevation