3hr Endurance Race UPDATE!

by Michael
3hr Endurance Race UPDATE!

Here is a update for ya’ll regarding the race on the 29th.

Register soon!

We’ve had racers sign up from Brisbane to Maryborough so its going to be a good turn out! There is a maximum rider number set so register sooner than later if you’re keen.


Thanks to the generosity of Marty at Enplusone, Jez at Venture Cycles and Dean from Hit Bikes we will have some awesome prizes to give away in a random prize draw after the race.

New drop and rock garden A-line

Track information

The trail-care day yesterday produced a nice A-line with a drop and a rock garden which will give the more courageous riders a good time advantage.

Holy Alternating Loops Batman!! This race will have a small twist in that Paul’s trails has 2 distinct loops with an intersection joining them. So we will have a gate at this intersection and on each hour the gate will change and you will be diverted down the other loop. It should keep things different and keep riders on their toes.

Food and drinks

We’ll have a BBQ going and soft drinks available for a gold coin donation into the “Parklands Marathon Trail Fund” bucket.